Total Recall

Total Recall is the tits, three tits to be precise. Yeah its the movie with the lady with three boobs in. That’s pretty much my go to bit of knowledge for Total Recall. Three boobs wouldn’t be that great, I mean, already just discussing the boobs I am feeling all guilty about, you know, objectifying women and implying that any one part of them, namely boobs, being thrice makes them any better than a woman without three boobs- its very dangerous territory – but says something of the thirteen year old me that I could remember nothing else much from this film aside from that. Turns out thirteen year olds are assholes, I apologise for thirteen year old me. I realised as I re-watched this week that generally attitudes towards women in Total Recall are rather thirteen year old-esque. However Arnie is at his best here, and the film has loads of bits were peoples faces like expand and explode and come off and stuff. This is mostly because they are getting exploded in the vacuum of space, but sometimes for other (surprisingly diverse) reasons. I think special effects had bought a load of silicone and just kept looking for places to use it. The fun bit is though is Arnies face seems pretty malleable anyway, so it is a good game to guess when it is just him, and when its going to keep on contorting till it explodes! So here is the lowdown – uses for special effects silicone: third boob – reprihensible. Face explosions – brilliant. Which just goes to show that with great power comes great responsibility.


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