Hall Pass

Yeah I watched Hall Pass, I am not proud of it. I watched some other insanely depressing shit and I needed something to pick me up, Hall Pass came a callin. I laughed, three times. One time was in the bit they put over the credits of ‘alternate takes’ which supposedly demonstrate that the actors ad-libbed the whole thing, but here the presence of additional actors sort of ruins the allusion- this was definitely just shot to make the credits less boring. So three laughs. I like Owen Wilson too, he is endearing. These things aside this film has a crushing inevitability and a painful sexist streak – its not a spoiler to say that the only person who actually does anything terrible in this film is a woman – because its clear from minute one what it will occur – largely because there is no chance the ever so endearing Owen Wilson would ever do anything remotely naughty, even with a hall pass.


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