Wings of Desire

In Wings of Desire we follow angels. They are timeless, reminiscing about the first men whilst wandering post war Berlin. What the angels do is listen to peoples thoughts, they can hear anything and be anywhere. Children and other angels can see them, and sometimes, it seems, just sometimes, they touch the hearts of the people they listen to. This is not an easy film to get into, it moves at the pace of a snail who has taken sleeping pills, and whilst there is a storyline this is much more about how different people, of different ages, races and classes all have their own thoughts, as important to them as they are inconceivable to others. Its a nice film, the angels are not some old testament nutcases sent by a vengeful God to smite …etc … they just listen. They don’t even have wings save for the first ten seconds when we sort of need them to explain that they are angels. I wont ruin the end for you, but the films philosophical bent becomes ever more pronounced as it plays out, to the extent that I didn’t really understand quite what was going on at some points – but then who can proclaim to understand the work of angels? Just F.Y.I, Peter Falk is in this, as himself, and he is just ridiculously cool.


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