Night of the Living Dead

There was this time I was stuck in a house surrounded by zombies, I was going to escape to safety, but then I remembered, I had two women with me. Two! I know, you`ll never make it out alive is what you are thinking, with those women there you might as well just put that shotgun in your mouth and end it all. I joke, I’m not one of those goddamn sexists, but after watching Night of the Living Dead I sort of felt like one. The women in this film are just awful – that is – the film portrays women in such an awful way, its one of the most sexist films I have seen and I famously didnt have any issues in that department with `Nude Nuns with Big Guns` (I did really, check if you dont believe). I just ended up hating them. A quick run down – Woman 1 – catatonic, unhelpfully sits doing absolutely nothing until it is her time to die. Woman 2 – doesnt listen to the commands of a man (what was she thinking) and ends up getting burned alive, taking her boyfriend with her. Woman 3 – just allows a child to stab her with a trowel, just stands there, almost willing the trowel stabbing to occur. Woman 4 is technically just a child, but child women are just grown women but smaller – she just stabs an innocent woman with a trowel, what a bitch. See, I just hate them, they are all just really crap. This is very dangerous, because even though no woman would actually ever do any of these things it becomes very easy to blame them for everything bad which happens in the film, and so it becomes easy to say, rather than “this sexist film portrays womens as being really crap” that “women are crap in this film”, its then only a small leap to simply “women are crap”. Thankfully the film is old, one hopes that if it were released now absolutely everyone would be horrified by how sexist it is. What is worrying though is that when ever I read about Night of the Living Dead people talk about how it was edgy and daring, about its sly socio-political undercurrents and how scary it is. It it ok that the film is so celebrated? Oh I forgot – woman 5- she is dead throughout – arguably the best way to cope with such rampant sexism.


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