Movie 43

Movie 43 is pretty spectacularly funny. Its not gross out comedy, but I was eating, and there was one part where I literally couldn’t eat anymore. It started off that I was alright, I was thinking “eew, gross, but you know, this food is still really tasty I will just keep on eating” then the scene just gets worse and worse. This was interesting because the food became worse and worse too, this film literally had a psychological effect on me that made my appetite disappear. I stopped eating it entirely, thinking that after the gross bit was over I could finish it, but I couldn’t, I just didn’t want it. I am wondering if I could somehow monetise this, of I marketed it at weight loss programmes I might make a bit of cash. So anyway, this ends with a spoiler, I don’t get grossed out by many things, I regularly eat all the way through zombie movies and even enjoy the odd chocolate pudding whilst viewing hard-core pornography where two people do unspeakable things with cups (ok I made up that second one just to be shocking) but this, this was chin halls, and I couldn’t stomach it.


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