Tower Block

Tense British Drama. Yeah, I fell asleep too. British drama in general is pretty snooze inducing, but tense British drama? That’s just secret code for slightly low budget and rather boring. When you don’t have heaps of cash for exciting special effects you have to resort to attempting tension – the British part usually accounts for the low budget. That is changing, we have had some great films made here recently, but notice, they had a special effects budget, and so were not tense dramas. Tower Block though bucks the trend, it is undoubtedly low budget, but it is actually tense, and a drama. Hectic right. Its sort of by numbers, a group of very different people end up in an impossible situation and have to work together to get out of it, but its all done well and some of the things which happen are quite unexpected, and, you guessed it, the tension ramps up quite effectively throughout. That said you know Sheridan Smith will survive. I quite fancy her though so that’s ok.


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