Ok, I honestly thought this was a kids movie. It was a fair mistake I think, the alien looked kind of comical and I didn’t really want to see it so I clearly didn’t pay enough attention to the trailer. Anyway when the first f-bomb was dropped it was highly confusing (didn’t look at the DVD case either), when the second and third arrived the penny dropped. This wasn’t a kids movie at all! I mean I don’t have anything against kids movies, I watched this thinking it was one, but it was way better because the alien swore his balls off. Paul was pretty entertaining, it made me laugh. What is interesting is that literally as I write it is being written out of the Pegg-Frost cannon, trails for their new film posit it as the third film from the pair, along with Hot Fuzz and the zombie one. This is a bit unfair really, its not as funny as either of those, but its not that bad, maybe in ten years we’ll have forgotten that it existed at all, the people who made it certainly hope so.


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