I think, and I must stress only think, that the main guy in Antiviral had a name. It was probably something like Bob, but to be honest I have no idea. I don’t hate the name Bob, it is a nice name to say out loud, but its not anything like Persepone. Persephone is a girls name so not entirely comparable to Bob, but look at it, just written down it looks cool, when you say it, it sounds cool, I want to get to know Persephone, in fact I want to sleep with her. I bet she is hot. The point is that I can’t even remember Antiviral mateys name, which is a long way of saying I related to him in no way at all. He nearly dies at one point and I gave precisely zero shits, and most of the time I give two. I suppose knowing his name wouldn’t have made a huge difference, but if at the start I had just got some sort of idea that Bob had a life then I would have proffered my two shits with aplomb. But as it was he was just a guy who I had no reason to care about at all. This film is trying to make some sort of point about celebrity culture, everyone is going mental for these celebrities which dont seem to do anything at all. It seems that the people project onto the celebrities their own hopes and desires. One assumes the makers of Antiviral were hoping that film viewers might do the same with Bob, thus absolving them of the responsibility of including any sort of character development.


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