Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

At the beginning of the film, far away from the world of witches and wizards, in a small cafe on a train station Harry Potter encounters a “very pretty” (Dumbledores words) waitress. Although the rest of the film features flying, magic, transformations etc, the thing I find absolutely hardest to believe is that said waitress appears to want to meet Harry for a date. This is frankly ridiculous. Harry, by his own admission is “a bit of a tosser”, plus the very pretty waitress is well…very pretty. Harry Potter isn’t at all. Frankly I find it quite hard to believe that anyone at all likes Harry, he is a right gump, he doesn’t tell anyone what he is thinking and he is selfish. I think Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood should be the stars of the film. They are my absolute favourite characters. Why? Because they are everything Harry is not. Including more dateable.


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