The Dark Hour

In The Dark Hour the apocalypse has unfortunately occured, a few survivors remain in an undergound bunker type arrangement, and obviously there are zombies. There are always zombies. The thing is, the zombies are sort of crap, not drastically scary and ever so slow moving. So there is also another menace which is sort of supernatural, or the whole thing would be a bit boring, oh and, er, some of the people in the bunker hate each other. The thing is though, the whole thing becomes a bit harder to believe because it is Spanish. I mean I am not being rude about the Spanish in particular, it is just given the current Economic state in southern Europe, when the zombie apocalypse eventually (inevitably) arrives its almost certain that there are not too many countries will even have close to the amount of cash required to get an underground bunker made. Will money even be an issue, could an oil rich country for instance buy its way out of the apocalypse? Should I move to Dubai? I would rather be in Spain, even if their plan goes a bit tits up at the end.


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