Tom Hardy is just ridiculously cool, everything he does is cool, and I want to be him. So I am not being disrespectful when I say that the voices he adopts for films are fairly silly. In Lawless he adopts a Keanu style of dialogue delivery which involves saying very little, and what he does say makes no sense. I mean he sounds cool when he does it but as a method of character development its a bit crap. Lawless was good, classic good vs evil tale with an entirely superfluous female character. I am not saying there shouldn’t have been a female character in the film, but Lawless works completely without her, she doesn’t really serve as proper motivation for anything, and just goes around being all weak, then motherly, then a bit slutty … Then actually a mother … So just a bunch of stereotypical woman stuff. If a superfluous woman character is an absolute requirement they could have at least not made the film seem a bit sexist in her depiction. But then I suppose she might not have been superfluous, then presumably they night have had to pay her the same as Tom Hardy, and he barely even spoke a word of sense.


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