Point Break

Keanus finest hour, mixing his amazing acting skills with his uncanny ability to say absolutely nothing. This leads to an unfortunate dilemma, Keanu is actually so good at dialogue that he since Bill and Ted he has demanded that he be paid by the word, which means people sometimes talk to him and he just sort of looks at them. Interestingly 90% of his contract is “what constitutes dialogue” -apparently screams and shouts don’t count so a penny wise screen writer puts in a lot of these to get their moneys worth, its all good fun. Point Break is fun too, loads of people get shot for very little reason, some really ridiculous police work leads to most of this, but some is because of baddies. And the point? That you should chase your dream, that ultimate joyride, but don’t go too far, you might end up dead, or worse, in jail. Watch this for the following – the older guy from Scrubs saying “young dumb and full of cum” which makes so little sense in any context except porn that it makes me laugh, Keanu doing frustrated firing a gun in the air (more questionable police work, and screaming), and one of the longest on foot police chases ever filmed.


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