So in Resistance the Nazis have repelled the allied forces from mainland Europe and are embarking on an invasion of old Blighty. Sounds exciting. Its not. This is because despite the fact that people keep throwing around ever so exciting sounding things like “London has fallen” and “Manchester is under siege” we spend the whole film in a little Welsh valley. I wont tell you why the bad guys are interested in this particular valley because its jarringly out of kilter with the rest of the film, in that it is mildly exciting. I have nothing against the Welsh or their valley, indeed the scenery is achingly beautiful, the problem here is that so little actually happens in this film that we are treated to an awful lot of scenery, far too much. Beyond that there are shots of peoples faces, not saying anything, that last for literally minutes – it all seems like an exercise in stretching out a very thin plot. The acting is great even if what they are acting is a bit (actually, quite a lot) questionable, turns out you cant leave a woman on her own for five minutes before she needs the help of an invading force of men – just for help around the farm you see, oh and sometimes in her sexy bed fantasies. Resistance could have been brilliant, with just a bit more going on, or a much shorter run time all of these complaints vanish (apart from the accusation of sexism), but like I said it is very pretty to look at.


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