Zombieland isnt really about zombies. I mean it is about zombies, but zombies are not really the point. See usually zombies are kind of scary. I mostly watch them with a girl (usually a hot babe, because I am a sort of James Bond type character see) to hide behind when something scary looks like it is going to happen. Look, before anyone says anything, I am not being sexist hiding only behind girls, I’d hide behind anyone but the line “I’m not gay but do you want to come and watch a film in bed with me” is too confusing for everyone involved. Anyway, this film elicited zero hiding moments. This is because the film is more about things like what it means to have true friends, family, security etc. It is all ever so moving. Then Bill Murray comes along and makes the film 100% more awesome just by being it it. Never mind that he doesn’t really seem to care that much, I more think he was acting like he didn’t care, he is that good an actor, and even when he isn’t caring that much he is still the funniest thing in Zombieland. The film is all a bit predictable, but it has got a big smile on its face and it catches you off guard once in a while so we will forgive it and enjoy the journey.


One thought on “Zombieland

  1. Hot babe says:

    Excellent review sir! Although you did do one small jump!

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