Rampage could have been some sort of social commentary on the conditions which lead to radicalism etc, like Four Lions. Or it could have been a really badass action film. Sadly it is neither, because it is boring, and the acting is so terrible I initially thought it might be intentional. The tag line for the film is Vengeance is Ruthless’ but I watched the film like literally two minutes ago, and I have absolutely no idea how this relates to the film, I mean maybe I didn’t get it, but it seemed rather to me like the main character kills a awful lot of people for no real reason – there is certainly nothing he needed to avenge…whatsoever. This is why the film could have been awesome, basically a guy makes a badass suit of armour for the 21st century and goes on a … you guessed it, Rampage, with automatic weapons. This could have been so cool if just like is parents had been kidnapped at the start or something, or he was some sort of Frankensteins monster. The film vaguely alludes to this but its not resolved in any way, and it would be much cooler if he was actually like a maniac whom society feared and persecuted. What I am getting at is that even though as much screen time is devoted to giving this guy some motivation as to having him do a rampage, it all makes very little sense at all.


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