Snow Cake

This film had no explosions in it. I bring up the lack of explosions immediately because it has been known for me to judge films on explosion count alone; explosions can be a key indicator of quality, but what this film lacks in explosions it makes up for in everything else. Absolutely everything is spot on, the acting should be singled out for praise, Rickman is sort of like his usual self, but somehow a bit more human and Weaver does a fine job too. The whole thing looks pretty, sounds nice and the story left me feeling quite happy, even though it has some pretty sad moments. Snow Cake isn’t so much about a woman who has autism, its about a man working out his place in the world who happens to sort of end up spending time with a woman who has autism. What it does really well is says that we all need to be very wary of how we treat those who are different to ourselves without making it feel like it is on some moral mission to make the entire audience go out and become care workers or something, because everyone just ends up resenting films like that for making them feel guilty. As I said though, this isn’t really what the film is about, because everyone here has a past which they are living with, and dealing with it is emotionally complex without being trite or sentimental. Some of it is just plain funny which is impressive in a film which is dealing with as much as this one is. There was a missed oppertunity for an explosion quite early in the film, but then it might have compromised the budget a little for the great actors (though looking at the box office for this I think it might be more of a labour of love) but it is easily forgiven, because this is still a great little film.


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