One Missed Call

So picture the scene, you are sitting around having dinner or something, with some friends, you are a bit weird and quiet because … this is a horror film and you are not supposed to be all chirpy like, you are supposed to be feeling like something ominous is in the air … and you suddenly get a phone call. From yourself. From the future. The very worst thing about said phone call is that in it you hear yourself die. So its not like a good sort of Bill and Ted situation where its awesome talking to your future self, all that you really hear is like screaming and bone crunching and shit. Picturing it? So now what do you do? Personally I would put myself in a locked room, with a big duvet and instructions to the pizza man to post my food through the letter box until the danger had passed. Unless of course I heard myself dying of obesity. I’d know the danger was passed because helpfully the phone tells me when the future phone call was made. Thankfully for us the people in this film do no such pussying out, they go all out trying to find the source of the cursed phone calls and end up exploring all sorts of creepy ass places. The end is good too, a sort of meditation on reality, television and technology but with creepy things occurring. The one thing is it isn’t actually that scary, which is an issue, but it is slightly more scary than La Cabina, which is the only other phone related horror film I can think of.


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