La Cabina

I wrote in my post about One Missed Call that it is slightly more scary than La Cabina, but as I was basing this assertion on having watched the film about four years ago I thought I had better just quickly check that is was as I remembered. Its only short see. And yes, I stand by my assertion that One Missed Call is scarier, but I don’t think it is is better. La Cabina its the best phone based (sort of) horror film out there, and the best phone box based film aside from maybe Bill and Ted, but that doesn’t really count because their phone box is a time machine – sorry if that’s a spoiler – and its still infinitely better than Phone Booth, which is crap. La Cabina fits an awful lot into its half hour run time, meditations on spectatorship, authority and loss, in far more intelligent ways than films of far higher budgets and longer run times. What La Cabina is really good at doing though is making sure you’ll never go into a phone box again without wedging your foot in the door while you make your call. I suppose the ubiquity of mobile phones has made this a lesser problem, but they are probably just killing us with brain radiation anyway. Bloody Phones.


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