The House at the End of the Street

In The House at the End of the Street Katniss Everdeen tries to do sex with the slightly creepy boy next door, but can’t because his sister, who killed his parents is still lurking in the woods. Importantly the house at the end of the street is actually just the house next door, but some film which somehow managed to get lower ratings than this one beat them to that name. So the film I guess is not especially scary, but its not the worst I have seen, and I managed to not guess the twist, I didn’t feel like I had wasted my time. It makes one unforgivable mistake of making you think it might actually be about society and its reaction to those who go through trauma, before actually confirming that it in fact doesn’t give a crap. What is more important though is that it reveals that Katniss, sorry Jennifer Lawrence, was playing the very same character just before Hunger Games came along (this was shot in 2010). It will be interesting to see if she eventually plays some sort of belligerent asshole character with the same aplomb, or whether there is only one string to her bow…see what I did there…because she was good at archery in Hunger Games…oh never mind…


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