Funny Ha Ha

I had to watch Funny Ha Ha in two sittings. Because I fell asleep. That is to say – this film is pretty boring. The poster promises that it is “Slackers for the 21st Century”. Presumably this is supposed to be a good thing given that it made it onto the poster, I just think its been cunningly edited from the original quote “Slackers for the 21st Century – In that it is equally boring”. Lets not get confused, this isn’t a bad film, it is well observed, so well in fact that it is as boring as real life was in the 90’s even though it took two years to make it to the big screen, largely well acted, though a little forced at times, and clearly a lot of care was taken to make it so boring. Another quote from the poster says that the film “dares to show real life as it is really lived…”. Sounds mildly experimental, like maybe that film Hockney did where he just filmed the sky or something for twenty four hours, but the reality of it is this, I am living my life, and its quite interesting, I certainly only fall asleep during the boring bits (usually night time, or the 90’s but even then sometimes that was exciting enough not to fall asleep) and if I distilled it into an hour and a half it would easily be exciting enough to keep even the most attention deficient person occupied – even if we just edited together the sex scenes. OK I am being unfair. A couple of the scenes really endeared me to it, and I did do a couple of inside giggles, (as a tribute I will write the rest of this as if I am writing dialogue for the film) these …um…yeah are laughs, umm..right… which…um…ok… are not quite strong enough, tooooo like, um….bubble to the surface and, you see …um…result in actual sound..ok…but…um….ok I think…um…but they are still a nice feeling to have….right….um maybe even…um nicer in that they ….are…I dunno….um … like… are entirely internal.


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