Headhunters is a film where a guys face gets totally smashed in, I mean entirely, and a dog has a nasty encounter with some agricultural equipment. So, if like me you like face smashery and dog skewery this is the film for you. Ok thats a bit unfair, on me, not the film. No ones face actually gets smasherooed and no animals were harmed during the making of the film, I checked see – interestingly the film makes a point in the credits that no animals were harmed, so one more assumed that no human beings were – though I suppose one cannot be absolutely sure. Its fair on the film because it entirely revels in its blunt-ness, to the extent it becomes morbidly amusing – amongst other things this is very much the blackest of comedies. Ultimately Headhunters is about a man who is a major asshole, who goes through rather a lot and comes out the other end a reformed character. That makes it sound a bit dull though and like some sort of morality tale, which is very much isn’t – because a dog dies. What makes Headhunters good is that it is one of those films where the protagonist gets themselves into a situation where you have absolutely no idea how they could escape from – I wont tell you if he manages it or not – but suffice to say it is a very stylish movie, a sort of Norwegian version American Psycho, but with a completely different plot. OK it isn’t that similar at all, but it looks great, is fast paced and very exciting and if you don’t mind a little face smashalashing then its the perfect choice.


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