Act of Valor

I suppose when a film purports to be based on real events it sort of has to take itself seriously, otherwise, particularly with combat movies it runs the risk of belittling events in which people almost certainly lost their lives. But what I think is insulting here is the absolutely worst dialogue ever. I mean ever. Not a single line was not absolutely terrible. This is all made worse by the fact that the whole thing might just as well have been titled “America fucking rocks, go fight for it”, I mean if it had the decency to go a little tongue in cheek and maybe throw in some fun lines it might have been ok, bit its all freedom this and integrity that. This is also ignoring the fact that the film takes place in about a million locations around the world, at none of which anyone seems to even hesitate to ask the question “can we shoot people in this country”. Credit where it is due, the combat is badass, especially in the first set piece, but as for the rest of it – you are better off watching Rambo.


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