Hell Drivers

The tag line for Hell Drivers is “Roaring down the worlds deadliest roads!”. Now I have seen ice road truckers and that other one which I think may actually have “deadliest roads” in the title, where they drive along some road built by a nutcase on the side of a mountain and try not to fall off, and let me tell you those roads are about as far from the roads of Hell Drivers as you can get. This is because ice and the side of mountains are inherently dangerous, the English countryside is categorically not. That is unless you speed up footage of trucks slightly so they seem like they are going exceptionally fast, yes the same tactic employed in Mad Max, and we all know how well it works there. So the title and tag line really make a lot of promises about this film – the reality is that it is actually about truck driving – and its bloody fantastic. This is not only because it actually carves a story from truck driving you give a shit about, which is impressive in itself but also because its actually less predictable than it first seemed – and I actually found myself shouting at the bad guy and willing the good guy to be good! Its made in the fifties which gives is three more reasons to watch it. The first is that you can see a young Sean Connery in a bit part, a slightly less young Sid James, and Patrick. McGoohan as an absolute asshole of a villain. The second is that the over acting is unintentionally hilarious. Finally it is a unique look into a strange world called the fifties where people drink tea on nights out and workers operate diggers on building sites wearing no less than a full suit, shirt and tie, and even leather jacket wearing, truck driving, (apparently Welsh??!) former prisoners speak the Queens English.


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