The Many Strange Stories of Triangle Woman

This is a strange film, but then that is the only real promise it makes. It is also vaguely sold as comedy, but I think this does it a disservice in that a- its not that funny, and b- compared to comedy coming out of the British surrealist tradition like Monty Python or The Mighty Boosh this is entirely different. So what is it? On a really basic level it is a set of surreal shorts stuck together with a narrator – the triangle woman. There is no overarching narrative, each of the shorts could work on their own. Herein lays the problem, some of them do not work at all, and some work very well. The first is extremely David Lynch, and so are a couple of the others, these ones have some internal logic, even if it is a weird internal logic. The less well constructed segments – a sort of moustache party for instance are vaguely boring. To sum up, the film is noble in its aims, and credit should be given for its vision, but it should be remembered that absurdity can still be engaging and tell a story, it is not an excuse to do anything at all. That said, I don’t feel like I wasted my time with this, we’ll see of this first time director/producer manages to get anything else out there.


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