I cannot truthfully say that I would have watched this were it not for the recently released Tarantino effort, I cant imagine how pleased whoever owns the rights to it must have been when that was released. Django has a pretty amazing theme tune (yes, the same one that is in the Tarantino film) which tells you what is going to happen at the end of the film and ruins it all for you. That is OK though, because its not exactly unpredictable anyway. Plus the dvd case said something like “Django arrives in town with a coffin … kills lots of people with a machine gun … who knows what is in the coffin?” (I may have paraphrased/entirely changed words) well, I guess that a coffin would be an excellent place to hide a machine gun. So with the song and the dvd case, the two most important plot twists are ruined. Is there any other reason to watch it then? Well the dubbing is unintentionally hilarious, Djangos voice is completely wrong and all the Mexicans have the same awful awful accent, and it does look pretty – its a big muddy Western landscape where everything and everyone is wind blown and weathered. Ultimately Django is a film in which Klan members are killed because they are (obviously) terrible whilst simultaneously racist stereotypes of Mexicans abound, make of that dichotomy what you will.


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