Code Unknown

I have watched this film a couple of times now, its not the easiest watch given that it has no real overarching plot, but it was worth a second viewing. It follows the largely unconnected lives of a group of people for a couple of weeks (I guess). There are no big statements in the film, though it is concerned with racism, class divides, immigration and place, but it doesnt insist that you think about these things all together. As you might imagine its not the cheeriest film ever made. The shooting style is quite experimental, each scene is usually one long take and we briefly see a black screen as we pass from the story of one person to the next. This kind of made me feel that although the film is chronological each scene provokes its own special thought, and you slowly build a picture of where everything fits together, that is, not fits together in time, but in its moral landscape – and because it doesnt really tell you what you are supposed to be thinking, it really is your moral landscape that you are projecting onto it – which is rather clever indeed.


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