I defy anyone to say that Ghostbusters looks dated, no one actually knows what ghosts or giant marshmallow men look like, so how can we know that they are not sort of puppet like/see through-ish? With talk of a new Ghostbusters movie on the horizon its important to remind ourselves that the original is in fact the perfect film. A bold claim, but a true one. You can watch it with your mum, who will even laugh at the dick joke, because it is hilarious. It is not massively long so you wont fall asleep – and anyway the plot moves along at such a rate that you feel like its all over in five minutes. Finally, ultimately, its about good guys overcoming evil in the pursuit of filthy lucre/fame/women, which everyone knows it the best plot of all, its why everyone likes Hans Solo the most. I mean there may be a few unanswered questions, like why does the theme song containing the line “bustin makes me feel good” make me laugh so much? why does no one care that masses of people probably die from falling debris in the finale? I am not sure what the fact that Sigourney Weaver ends up first being a weird demon temptress then a dog/statue says about 80’s gender politics? or the fact that the black guy turns up part way through for apparently no reason but that the Ghost Busting team was looking predominantly white? Troubling questions indeed, especially the first one, but all fade into insignificance once you realize that, secretly, deep down, everyone wants to be a ghost buster.


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