The Prey

I sometimes wonder if generally French films are far better made than others, or if it is a consequence of a distribution system which will only spend time subtitling and distributing the “best” films. Either way I can’t help but think what is really a pretty standard plot here has been executed with such aplomb that it rises above its Hollywood equivalents with ease. The protagonists seemingly super strength is slightly hard to believe, and all the characters are quite stereotypical, especially the ancillary ones like the hard nosed police chief. But this can easily be forgiven because the story is well written and exciting, but more so because it is so well shot. There are places here were huge explosions and ridiculous car chases would have been appropriate, but the film generates far more tension by underplaying things. The music is top rate as well, though I cannot for the life of me work out the significance of the classical duet in the prison, if someone works it out please let me know. So I think, this film is far better because it was made in France, but perhaps not because the French are better film makers, but because they are not in Hollywood, and so do not blow things up.


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