Amour is ever so depressing. Really, awfully depressing. That doesn’t make it an awful film. Its a brilliant film, and the acting is absolutely amazing. Given that it is so awfully depressing, and almost the entire film takes place in one apartment I never felt like I did not want to be spending that time with those characters, in that place. So is there a lot to say about Amour which has not already been said? Well the most important thing is the pigeon. The pigeon is without a doubt the most important part of the film. I have not fully worked out why the pigeon is the most important part of the film, but I am very sure that it is. This is because the pigeon is the instigator of one of the most touching scenes of the film. Also because its a pretty well trained pigeon – some really outstanding pigeon acting here. Seek this film out, don’t watch it with your mates and a few beers though, unless your mates are pigeons.


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