Lockout is so stupid its quite hard to think of any other adjectives to describe it, none the less I shall try – dumb, idiotic, silly, annoying … What mostly comes to mind is a sort of noise that starts of like this “duuuuhhhh” and ends with “whatthefuckingfuck”, the last bit should get more high pitched towards the end. Try saying it out loud and you’ll see how this is the a good, neigh the only good response to Lockout. Its not so much that there are plot holes (though there are many many plot holes) its that so much of the stupidity could have been solved so simply. Case in point – only eight prisoners of a population of thousands seem to have the wherewithal to stop fighting each other for the ten seconds it takes to find a hostage, EIGHT! I mean for goodness sake, what the hell are all those other motherfucking prisoners even doing! This could so simply been solved with this one line of dialogue “I locked the door behind us, can’t have all those other motherfucking prisoners messing with our hostages”. It would have been that simple, but no, instead I must believe that they were all simply too dumb to do anything but move five paces then have a fight. Were the only dumb thing in Lockout i might forgive it, but its literally full of crap like this and the usual “but it has good action sequences/boobs” argument doesnt stand up here because all of that is overshadowed by the fact that its also a bit racist, and so eye wateringly sexist that even someone who would use the argument that a film can be good purely because it has boobs in it would find it offensive.


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