Children of the Damned

Well this is all rather excitingly predictable on the surface. Future children come and use their mind control powers to unleash social commentary on cold war paranoia, they are our children, we are the damned, or something like that. What made this excellent to watch is all the other fun stuff that’s going on. Are the two scientists gay? They have a pretty intense relationship either way, but the fact that they sleep in separate bedrooms might make this a rather depressingly sexless relationship. Brilliantly, fairly early on when some sort of secret agent type character shows up he gets derided for chasing “sexy ladies” around Europe, ah the life of a secret agent type character. Even weirder is why the first lady our protagonists encounter greets them with a “well hello”, she is a breathy “boys” away from greeting a washing machine repair man. What’s incongruous about this is that she spends the rest of her screen time telling everyone that she “has never been touched”, despite having a son. Borderline stranger seducer to virginal mother in about six minutes! All very confusing. But that is what I think makes this rather enjoyable to watch, everyone has borderline multiple personality issues (even the people who are not being mind controlled) and as a result the creepy mind control kids end up looking like the most grounded of the lot!


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