Les Diaboliques

This film ends with a nice caption card asking that you not reveal what happens to your friends, so I wont, all you need to know is that there is a terrible asshole of a guy, his wife and mistress, united under his awfulness decide to do away with him. However when the crime is complete not all goes as smoothly as planned! What is great about this is that even though everyone is being ever so serious it is all so melodramatic that you know it was all brilliant fun to make, and that really comes across on screen, there is some epic overacting going on all over the place, and I am fairly sure it is not just because it is from the fifties that every character does and says exactly what they look like they should do, the femme fatale is grossly under represented in modern cinema in my opinion! This is a worthy mystery thriller, keeps you guessing until the very last moment and leaves you feeling ever so satisfied.


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