Dream House

Daniel Craig acting like he likes kids is hilarious, I imagine he acts the same way I would were I asked to pretend I had children, and I hate kids. Once you have got past the cringe worthy “fatherly moments” that the film begins with you get into some slightly weird territory here, weird in that this film isnt quite sure what its all about, there is one big jump qute early on which says you are watching something which is going to scare you, but this all falls to the wayside as we get into (very) psycological thriller territory. It is a good concept, the slightly predictable twist doesnt come at the climax of the movie, but it blows its load (yes, blows its load…) about half way through, and we then see how all the peices are put back together. Craig comes with a reputation as a trouble shooter, one of the best things about Bond is that he is always one step ahead of the game, what feels different here is that he plays the character with that same descisiveness, but here he is far from Bond. Dream House keeps you watching, but try not to think about it all too much or you’ll ruin it for yourself.


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