True Crimes

This rather confusingly titled film is not the late nineties crime thriller with the same name (minus the S on the end), it is better than that. Basically this takes the time travel paradox that you can potentially go back in time and meet yourself to its exteme conclusion. The first act is genuinely quite scary, the second is a tiny bit boring because, given the nature of time, we know exactly what is going to happen, even though there are a couple of “will he, wont he” moments… but lets be clear… he will, because he did it once already. The third act is where it really gets exciting and what is great is that the logic continues to hold up, you really want everything to work out, but once you step into a time machine things tend to get rather complicated. The basic moral of the story is, do not build and operate time machines, I mean I know everyone has tried it at least once, I myself have a number of unfinished time machines knocking around, I usually cant get the parts I need, but really, when you think about it there is almost no time travel scenario where you wont at best end up at least killing someone, and at worst having awful ungratifying sex with yourself just to see how good you really are in bed. That second one doesnt happen in the film by the way… or does it…


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