Attack the Block

I am a huge fan of Adam and Joe, so when I found out that Joe had been missing from the airwaves because he was off making a feature film I was very excited, though a little sad that the old six music radio show was not about any longer. As a concept it was great, a bunch of city kids dealing with the alien invasion in their own special way, and I really did enjoy it, but the issue is that the laughs that come at the start sort of begin to fade towards the end as the novelty of alien Vs city kids is enveloped by the actual need to get the aliens killed. I guess it is a testiment to the director that he gives us this, there is no cop out ending where they are killed by water or the common cold, but I came to this movie with laughs in mind, and sadly I didnt get quite enough of them. Actually this film has some prescient points to make about inner city life and the generation of kids it depicts, it doesnt make them the object of satire, they are depicted almost lovingly, and I guess had I come to the film without a preconception of its director I would have bought into this a lot more … however I secretly wished for feature length “Toytrain Spotting”.


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