Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Pt 1

If you watched the animated batman when you were a kid, he just got darker! The makers of this feature know that this is just what you wanted, even the tag line is “Real heroes dont get older, they get darker” or some such nonsense. This is 15 rated, so its not for kids anymore dont you know. I really enjoyed this way too much, asthetics wise its pretty familiar territory, I was immediately taken back to my childhood and the batman cartoons I used to watch, yeah this aspect has got a little darker, but not that much. What has changed is the whole motivation thing, just like in the Dark Knight films we learn that batman is returning from what he planned to be his retirement, so much more is made of the citys response to his return and the inner conflict which means Bruce can never put down the mask. I am not saying this was not a part of what I remember batman as from when I was young, that was always the appeal, but now he actually draws blood from the bad guys rather than leaving them all covered in guano like he used to. Ok maybe I have remembered that a little wrong, but he is definately a much more violent (and right wing in a judge dredd sort of way) batman, and he is still my absolute favorite super hero.


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