Silent Running

What the devil is going on here! This film is perhaps an indicator that I am a right wing nutcase, or, and this is what I hope is the case, that times have rather a changed since the 1970’s. I cant help but hate the main character. He ends up being the only remaining human who understands the significance of the flora and fauna of earth and goes to extreme lengths to protect the only remaining space greenhouses which contain it. All very laudable. The greenhouses, which are I suppose a symbolic representation of said flora and fauna, and as such contain a sort of stereotype of nature, the circle of life seems to not have penetrated space at this time, unless there was a simba greenhouse that was just on the other side of the spaceship. Far worse though is that the protagonist is completely socially inept! I mean just because someone loves bunny rabbits (I have no idea why the hell there are so many bunnies in space) it doesnt mean they have to hate humans, its not a one or another thing, you can want to save all of nature without being nuts. I mean this guy is such a killjoy that I actually wanted at one point for all of nature to die, just so he would too.


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