Men in Black III

Men in Black III is not a film, it is evidence! Evidence that Will Smith has either found, or has access to the waters of, the fountain of youth. Now, given that no other person in the public eye seems at the moment to be defying age we must conclude that he is not merely in posession of a vial of the the fabled water, bought at huge cost from an antiques dealer in a dusty town in the south of France, who himself aquired it from an old woman, who says her long dead husband was an archeologist, but many suspect him of being a tomb robber. So, he must have found the fountain itself. I propose that we keep a close eye on those close eye on Smith, he’ll let something slip eventually mark my words, in the mean time, I am willing to keep my observations to myself, in exchange for a cupfull. With regards to the film, its much like the first two, very entertaining and rather good fun, tries a little to hard to inject some emotion into the proceedings, which nobody asked for, but otherwise excellent. In fact so similar to the first two that another possibility arises, this was in fact filmed immediately after the second one, and has been kept under wraps all this time … unless… Tommy Lee Jones has been let in on Smiths little secret…


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