Jurassic Park III

Jurassic Park III, or “The one where they make stuff up” as I call it, is not a bad film, it is just so stupid at some points that it really doesnt fit with the other two. The awesome thing about the first film was that the science was perhaps a little dubious, but it seemed like it could work just enough that it generated a discussion, with the scientists upon whos research the film was based demonstrating that indeed there was the slimmest hope that the technique could work. We have since learned that we could potentially bring back mammoths with a similar technique and DNA zoos are very much at the forefront of research into species decline. So what does this have to do with Jurassic Park three? Well this film summarily abandons all of this and has a scene based entirely on proposed dinosoar psycology. Now, I am sure that, through observation of living species and educated guesswork etc there may be a vaguely scientific basis for this part of the film, and I am not saying that silly parts of (what is essentially) science fiction need to have science to back them up, I understand the use of the word fiction, but to throw away a heritage which gave what was ultimately the MOST ridiculous part of the first film, the bringing back of bloody dinos, a sense of wonder through its connection with real world research seems like a really bad choice. What I would have done was made the Vilociraptors claw out everyones eyes then eat their brains. It would not have been grounded in real life reasearch but if you are going to abandon such things at least make it fun.


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