Objective Burma

There were a couple of moments in this film where “no way did he fucking just say that” passed my lips. But then this is a world war two film, and the pretty special thing about it is that it was made whilst the war was still going on, in 1941. Whilst most other offerings of the time are escapist silliness or insane propaganda this film, aside from the couple of wtf moments is pretty gritty and down to earth. The cinematography is impressive, not least because a Burma is created on a soundstage with the aid of just some tape recordings of animals and a couple of monkies. Also Flynn is amazing here, a million miles away from his captain blood persona yet still believable. That’s not to say he was believable as captain blood. Never mind that Burma as a conflict zone or anything else is woefully under represented in film, this is just a good war film, end of.


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