The Artist

This film is rather pleasing. What annoyed me somewhat when this came out was the way it was spoken about as if no one had seen a silent film before, this is not the best silent film ever made, its positively mid table if we are judging it based on how good it is as a film…that is silent. What this is though, is a rather good film about silent films, and the move into sound, that is not to say you will learn just what this was period of history was like, its happy ending is rather unrealistic, but it uses the transition to tell a brilliant and engaging story. I am fairly sure the day a film is made that is fundementally about film making the makers of said film have lost all sense of the real world and have as their only frame of reference being a film maker. Whilst this may well be the case here this is about more than film making, its a love story (what else could it be) but its also about a really cute dog. The dog is basically, I think, the most important thing to come to post millenium silent film. He is just awesome.


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