You cant spell assassins without ass. This is in no way relevant to the film, its is merely an observation. The Wachowskis apparently wrote this, I say apparently, because although they are credited as writers apparently the director largely ignored their writing and they didnt want too much association with the film. What I hope is that their script was ignored because half way through it becomes apparent that everything you think is real is a construct designed to keep you enslaved to your robot masters, and Stallone, being the only one to realise this begins to dodge Bandaras’ bullets left and right! This would be more exciting. Alas, it was not to be, some wiseguy thought the world couldnt handle that. Stallone only makes two wisecracks in this, a record which must only be surpassed by Rambo (that is rambo 4 for the uninitiated) and normally I would say it is better for it, but in this case the action just doesnt come fast enough and all that space could have been filled far better with wise cracks than … I dont know, walking around… in fact I have literally just stopped watching it and I cant remember anything but the end, I think at some point someone assassinates someone else… a taxi is stolen … no one wisecracks… Bandaras is good though, he needs to wash his hair though.


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