The Limits of Control

On paper, a film about a man who is on some ambiguous criminal mission which involves multiple meetings to attain his goal sounds like a recipie for an action thriller. This is as far away from that as possible, and frankly must have been a nightmare to market. Here we have a film that is as ambiguous as the criminal mission the lead man embarks on, he wends his way from Spanish town to Spanish town, meeting interesting and strange people along the way, all of whom give him the information he requires to meet the next. However, they do not just give him this information, they also tell him their thoughts on various creative arts, and other things. This is the crux of the film, I think, and I may of course be wrong, but I think that this is an ode to the need for art, literature, freedom of espression in our contemporary lives, it is in itself a piece of art, but it also celebrates painting, music, drama, architecture, sex and film, and as such is as far away from an action thriller as possible. This film requires that you think, and there is much to think about. 


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