This entire film takes place within a tank. It is a bold move, considering the film makers do appear to actually have a tank, although the interior we see seems a little more spacious than the tanks I have seen (though I cannot claim to be an expert one assumes that getting a camera inside a tank is pretty much impossible). Anyway, as a consequence a lot of the action is seen through the viewfinder of the tank, the horror of war framed by a crosshair. No one can argue that war is not terrible, and this film is no Rambo, but it is all a little contrived, we dont need the only surviving member of a family to stare into the camera after asking where her child is to know that the family has been needlessly ripped apart, and the gunners initial unwillingness to fire his weapon at other humans doesnt need to be qualified with dialogue. It is a good film, and I am sure that the fact that the film makers do not take the action out of the tank was meant to highlight the isolation of the men inside, and sense of their emotion, but I cant help but think that it might also be because it cost a little less too. Ultimately this is about young men put in an impossible situation, we learn I guess a lot about the emotion of the situation, but without some background knowledge you’d have no idea why they are there at all.


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