Grown Ups

The “get as many famous comedy folk in one film and have them all be funny” concept rarely works, all those funny famous people usually come with their own style and background and simply should be writing their own stuff rather than having someone else do it for them. However, these guys work well together, there are some genuine laugh out loud moments, probably because its Adam Sandler they are all barely pushing the boundaries of the fart joke in terms of maturity. For the record, fart jokes are funny. But here, in a context which is fundementally about the importance of family, honesty and building a loving support structure for your kids, and you guessed it, “growing up”, if I was to have any sense that I had empathy with any of these themes am I going to be laughing at fart jokes? Maybe (I almost certainly will) but moreso, am I going to find the time to go to the movies to watch them? Maybe not.


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