13: Game of Death

It is one of the strange quirks of online movie rentals that sometimes, as is the case here, that a film gets categorised rather insanely. This was nestling in the comedy section, comedy, over horror, thriller…numerous other generic categorisations which could be applied to this film! Ok, I laughed twice. Comedy it is. Apparently this did rather well in Thai cinemas, I have no idea how they advertised it, if it was as a comedy about all the box office would have had to have been paid back to people emotionally scarred by the ending. I’m not saying the end is inherantly emotionally scarring, but its not a laugh a minuite. I thought that with each of the 13 tasks the protagonist would learn a little more about himself and eventually emerge probably not with the prize, but as a better man, but it doesn’t pan out like that all. I would recommend this just on unpredictability alone!


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