Man On A Ledge

Its best not to think too hard about the plot of this film, because it becomes mildly incomprehensible, but if you gloss over how little it makes sense then its all good fun. I was a little concerned that the whole film might be a tense psycological thriller based on suicide negotiations, but in reality its just a nice ledge based heist film where a hot lady gets down to her undies half way through. Turns out commuting multiple felonies to clear ones name is the order of the day, and it is all right by me! On the blu ray disk and I guess the DVD there is an extra of Elizabeth Banks doing a commentary…over the TRAILER, in what has to be the silliest extra ever, but she does a good job summing up the film so we can’t hold it against her, but I mean, just don’t bother with extras if trailer commentaries are the next big thing!


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