The Grey

Liam Neeson is his usual badass self here. Seemingly impervious to cold he thunders along imparting wisdom, being badass and generally knowing an awful lot about wolves. The trailer sort of implied that he was a bit magic, or maybe even some sort of wolf man, but alas this does not occur! You don’t see the Neesons cock, presumably because its so cold that despite its impressive size it would become frost bitten, none the less this is unusual for a Neeson film (its not at all, I just listen to a lot of Kevin Smith podcasts and Neeson has almost been surpassed by his own cock in acting ability, in my mind at least). I’m fairly sure I could find some deeper meaning in a lot of the dialogue here, and the fact that Neesons “stereotypical Irish” father writes potentially militant poetry, but I prefer to think this is far more about running away from a bunch of wolves, otherwise it becomes even heavier  viewing! If you are looking for a thinking mans “running away from animals” film, this is for you, if you want to see Neesons cock, I’m afraid you are right out of luck.


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