Oh I love this film so much! I am fairly sure the first paper I wrote at university was on this film, entitled “the unification power of stink palms across the generations”, ok I made this up, I tried to find that paper but I obviously didn’t deem it worth keeping, as such I don’t have a clue what it was about! How this film came to be rated 18 in the uk I have no idea, it has some gross concepts in it and a shit tonne of bad language (see I used bad language to explain how much bad language there is, that’s postmodern bitches) but nothing that would corrupt a young mind, I mean I watched this when I was 17 and it was brand new, a whole year before the powers that be thought I should, and aside from fondly remembering magic eye pictures this probably had very little effect on me at all! I do love this film though and its worth watching just to see Affleck ….before “the town” and other such things happen.


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