Hobo with a Shotgun

If you dont know the story, when the Grindhouse movies were being developed an open invite was issued for short trailers which fitted the b-movie mood of the project to be shown between the two main features. Hobo with a Shotgun began life as just such a trailer. Certain people with enough determination (money) to do so decided that the makers of the trailer deserved the chance to develop the concept into a feature. The film is as much about paying homage to silly exploitation flicks of the past as it is to any form of storyline, which is often where I think Tarantino goes wrong, get rid of all the dialogue and do some more fun stuff! From ridiculous beginning to even more ridiculous ending this film has you laughing, wincing and protecting your gentlemans bits (if you have them), poorly acted, scripted, shot … and all the better for it.


One thought on “Hobo with a Shotgun

  1. Ben Miller says:

    This is simply the greatest film ever made.

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